Carpets are one accessory that can add beauty to your home. They would also tend to help keep your environment warm during cooler months.

If correctly installed and properly cared and maintained, carpets can last around 20 years. It can be used either indoor or outdoor.

Carpets come in a lot of designs, styles, colors, and types. And new materials and techniques have been used that made today’s carpets more durable against wear and tear of the modern world.

As a homeowner, you should carefully select the best carpet that would complement the overall look, style, and design of your house.

Almost all carpets are made with synthetic fibers, nylon, and olefin (polypropylene). But the majority of homeowners choose olefin since it can be used both indoor and outdoor though others also prefer synthetic carpets since they are easy to maintain.

Synthetics are often blended for added durability and ease of maintenance. Among the most common synthetic carpets used today are made from acrylic and polyester.

As to the styles of carpeting, the most popular one available today is the cut pile since it can be cut to any length depending on the client’s preference.

Some homeowners also prefer loop pile carpeting because it is easy to maintain though needs to be vacuumed regularly to prevent soil from getting inside the loops.

Meticulous homeowners often prefer patterned loop carpets because they can create any design, which is usually geometric in nature.

But those who are on a tight budget usually choose Berber carpeting because it is relatively inexpensive and is stain resistant. This type is also best for high traffic areas in the house because it is durable.

Still, others choose the loop and cut pile carpets which create an informal and cozy look, and the more luxurious type plush or velvet.

To make the carpet more durable, an underlying pad should be installed to make the carpet more comfortable while helping reduce wear and tear.

But whatever type and design of carpet you want to install on your house, you need the help of a company who has expert installers and a wide range of carpets to choose from.

You can install the carpet yourself but it may not be as good as what you expect so better hire a professional installer.

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