Whenever someone is considering doing a makeover on their home, inevitably, one of the first places they look at to start with is the kitchen. It is the one room that can literally be made over “out of the box”, with the help of cabinet fronts, countertops and even flooring able to be purchased directly from a home improvement warehouse on the cheap. The thing is, however, that not all reasonably priced flooring available in those boxes are durable enough for the kitchen, let alone any other room in the house. Luxury vinyl planks, on the other hand, are just as reasonable in price, and even more durable than any flooring tiles you can get on the cheap. 

Best Suited for High Traffic Areas

More resilient than even some vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks are perfect for any high traffic area in your home, even beyond the kitchen. Anywhere that sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis, from children to pets, and especially anywhere that has the chance of being scuffed, scratched, and having all kinds of things spilled on it, just cries out for this versatile new product to be installed.

Very resilient and known for its ability to bounce back from any damage caused to it, this plank flooring is quickly becoming a popular alternative to laminate floor materials and even vinyl tiles. Heavy objects will not hurt it, as it does not buckle or warp easily, and keeps the floor looking new no matter how long it has been there. It is also highly stain-resistant, and will not absorb any liquids spilled on. This makes quick cleanups a snap, without having to use any harsh chemicals that could mar its shine. Just wipe and go, from spaghetti to mud to wine, no problem.

Easy to Install

Unlike linoleum or laminate floor materials, and even some other kitchen flooring, vinyl planks do not require you to completely remove the old flooring before installing the new. As long as the surface of the old floor is reasonably level, the vinyl planks can be cut to size prior to installation, and secured in place with simple adhesives.

To finish the look, have some base molding put in place to cover the seams between the flooring and the wall, and you are good to go. The adhesive used dries quickly, and your new floor can be installed within the hour by professionals, and even the most ardent do-it-yourself hobbyist will not be spending the entire day laying tile, unless he wants to.

Easy On the Eyes and Easy To Maintain

Unlike other flooring options on the market today, like wood planks and ceramic tiles, vinyl planks require very little in their care and upkeep. Generic cleaning supplies that do not contain a lot of harsh chemicals or bleach will do for mopping purposes, and will even give you a chance to go green in your selections. You cannot degrade its stain-resistance unless you put a lot of bleach or other chemicals to use. Other than the occasional mopping session, a broom or dust mop will do just fine for keeping it clean.

Best of all, no one will know that it is luxury vinyl planks unless they either touch the surface, or you tell them. You can get these vinyl floors in whatever style you choose, and they can be made to look like anything from hardwoods to stone and even marble, if you wish. They do not look fake like some laminates might, and your home gains a whole new look in the process. And, thanks to their low cost and durability, you can have them installed in any room you wish to upgrade for far less than the real thing.

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