Laminate flooring, also called as floating wood tile, is a kind of flooring material that is made up of four layers that are fused together through a lamination process, hence the term “laminate.”

The four layers of laminate flooring include balance layer, core layer, thin layer and wear layer.

The balance layer, which is the bottom part, rests on the subflooring and has moisture resistant properties while the core layer is the thickest layer which is made of high-density fiberboard.

The thin layer is where the pattern is printed while the wear layer is also thin in nature and is made of melanin resin that protects the pattern and the plank itself.

These layers undergo a high-temperature and high-pressure process to form a laminate sheet. This sheet is then cured and later cut into strong, stable and attractive planks.

Laminate flooring can either be direct pressure laminate and high-pressure laminate.

Commercial clients usually go for high-pressure laminate since it is stronger and much more durable, although a little expensive. But the money is worth spending on this type of flooring is sure to last long. That’s why some homeowners also use this kind of laminate flooring.

But talking about prices, laminate flooring is still the best choice since it is far cheaper than hardwood flooring.

If you are going to use laminate flooring for your house, choose the thicker ones because they absorb sound better and you will literally feel walking more on a solid floor.

Aside from being less expensive, laminate flooring is also durable, hygienic because several brands contain the antimicrobial resin, easy to maintain and easy to install. You can even install the flooring yourself.

But if you are planning to change your flooring into laminated ones, avoid stressing yourself from doing the installation yourself. You can always hire a professional installer who knows exactly how to do it.

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