IPOXI System

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IPOXI System

Transform Your Space with Ease: Discover the Power of DIY Epoxy Flake Flooring! IPOXI is durable and long-lasting, easy to install, cost-effective, customizable, and a value addition to your property.

The IPOXI Kit is a commercial-grade epoxy flake system that is designed to withstand wear and tear from tools, vehicles, and equipment. Contractors and DIYers alike will love the look of the new garage floor they install and have pride in a job well done. STAUF is a company dedicated to helping homeowners and commercial property managers have the best possible topical concrete flooring application with ease. Our dedicated team of research and development scientists, have spent years developing the IPOXI system that is easy to maintain and yields a beautiful, professional finished product.


  1. Prep & Prime: Simply prep your cracks and sand/grind the floor and now you’re ready to roll your primer.
  2. Roll & Throw: Roll out the base coat and sprinkle the flakes. Could not be easier.
  3. Coat & Done: Your top coat seals in the magic and gives your beautiful epoxy floor finish.